New Beginnings

Hello all and Happy 2017 ! I noticed I wasn’t getting many people interested in single tracks from the chill out genre so I thought I’d write a note to you. Music has always been important to me. I Dj mostly Gothic/Industrial music but have been known to spin chill out from time to time as it is merited. I used to be a serious Metal fan and never dreamed I would enjoy electronic music much more gentle and soothing music. I loved all things hard and extreme. When I discovered that my favorite guitarist in Death Metal liked and Industrial band I reconsidered my taste in music altogether. I still love good Metal but I am VERY picky as I have listened to a LOT of Metal in my time.
My friend introduced me to the first two Electronic releases to begin my journey. He suggested Front Line Assembly “Millennium” and Delirium “Karma”. This dichotomy has served me well as I have loved good Industrial and good Chillout at the same time. The whole idea for me of “Beyond the Night” is that there is life after clubbing and being up at all hours. In the Trance scene there is something called “Morning Trance” that gives a gentle and less animated start to your day. I listen to many different styles of music as my mood or situation leads me. In the Morning, I like Chillout. When my day continues and the world begins to “piss me off” I switch to something with a harder edge. “Morning Chill” is my go to for relaxation and calm.
I’ll continue posting individual tracks here with my own commentary. Aloha Kakahiaka world 🙂


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